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Blitz Research Ltd is a software development company dedicated to bringing you the ultimate in games programming tools.

Our latest product is Monkey X, which targets the hot platforms of the moment - including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, HTML5, Flash and more! Please see the dedicated Monkey X website for more details.

Our latest Blitz product is BlitzMax, a programming language that can compile for Windows, Mac and Linux. BlitzMax is the ultimate programming language for desktop apps - it's powerful and extendable language means there is a module for just about everything.

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Find out more about our products here.

Blitz Research News

Monkey X Studio Released!
(submitted by simonh on :13:14)

Monkey X Studio is a new Monkey X bundle that offers Jungle IDE, Ignition X and Monkey X Pro all in one package!

Purchasing Monkey X Studio offers a 20% saving on buying each of the products separately. Plus, Monkey X Studio's all-in-one nature and auto-updating features make it the most convenient way to keep all your Monkey X development tools together and up-to-date.

Please note that unlike Monkey X Pro, Monkey X Studio is currently only available for Windows, due to Jungle IDE being a Windows only program at this moment in time.

For more information, please visit here.

Blitz3D Now Free and Open Source!
(submitted by simonh on :35:47)

Blitz3D is now available as a free download!

At the same time as making Blitz3D free to download, we've also made it open source - please see the Blitz3D repository on GitHub.

For more information, please see this forum thread.

BlitzPlus Source Code Released
(submitted by simonh on :56:00)

BlitzPlus is now free and open source!

Please see this forum thread for more details.

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